These crazy delicious taco recipes redefine Taco Tuesday! From now on, you’ll stay in to enjoy these mouth-watering tacos you make yourself.

Are Taco Tuesdays a tradition in your house? Even if it’s not, you might want to try making tacos at home on a Tuesday night. It’s loads of fun! And the following best taco recipes make it even better. You will never want to go out to a Taco place after trying these recipes at home. Enjoy!

Slow Cooker Pork Tacos

Slow Cooker Pork Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Pork Tacos are made with slow-cooked pork shoulder and an avocado sour cream sauce. They’re simple and a great weeknight meal. See the article for the ingredients and instructions.

Chipotle Fish Tacos

Chipotle Fish Tacos Recipe #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Lightened-up Baja-style fish tacos make a quick, flavorful meal that’s easy to whip up in a few minutes. Follow the article for the complete instructions.

Grilled Chicken BLT Tacos

Grilled Chicken BLT Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Grilled Chicken BLT Tacos are a delicious fusion of two of our favorite Summer dishes. The bacon flavor in each bite takes chicken tacos to a new level.

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Fried Egg Breakfast Tacos

Fried Egg Breakfast Tacos with Dukka From Taco! Taco! Taco! #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

These Fried Egg Breakfast Tacos from “Taco! Taco! Taco!” by Sara Haas are served with fresh greens and a sprinkling of homemade dukka. Follow this article for the complete cooking method.

Apple Pie Tacos

Cure Fall Fever With These Apple Pie Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Cure fall fever with these apple pie tacos. The churro-like shell is everything. Follow this article for the cooking method.

Smoky Mushroom Tacos

Smoky Mushroom Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Juicy, mouthwatering mushrooms, topped with pickled onions, guacamole, and greens. A dozen ingredients. Follow this link for the complete recipe.

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

These vegan buffalo cauliflower tacos are perfectly spicy, with hot buffalo sauce and tangy avocado crema. Made with whole food ingredients. Follow this link for the complete recipe.

Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos with Cabbage Slaw

Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos with Cabbage Slaw #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

This is a delicious recipe for chili lime shrimp tacos with cabbage slaw. See the article for the method.

Mushroom Asparagus Tacos with Jalapeno Cashew Cream

Mushroom Asparagus Tacos with Jalapeno Cashew Crema (Paleo, Vegan) #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

This paleo and vegan asparagus, mushroom, and spinach filled tacos pack a flavorful punch thanks to a creamy jalapeno and cilantro cream. See the article for the complete method.

Korean-Inspired Crispy Tofu Tacos

Korean-Inspired Crispy Tofu Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Learn the secret to making the best crispy tofu and serve it in flavor-packed tacos with crunchy slaw and quick pickles. Follow the article for the complete method.

Mexican Steak Tacos

Mexican Steak Tacos – Wanderspice #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Mexican Steak Tacos with flank steak marinated with ancho chili, cumin, and garlic. Flavorful, but not spicy with freshly-made taqueria-style red salsa.

Delicious & Easy Shrimp Tacos

Delicious & Easy Shrimp Dinner #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

This Spicy Sriracha Shrimp Tacos recipe is so easy and tasty! It has a little slaw, shrimp, chunky guacamole & sriracha sauce. Talk about addictive tacos! See the article for the recipe.

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Kimchi Breakfast Tacos

Kimchi Breakfast Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Make these easy kimchi breakfast tacos. They’re loaded with avocado, fried egg, roasted Japanese sweet potatoes, and spicy kimchi. You could enjoy these tacos for breakfast or dinner.

Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos

Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

These Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos are gluten free and vegetarian. They make a great breakfast, lunch or dinner taco recipe.

Grilled Steak Street Tacos

Grilled Steak Street Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Steak street tacos are little bites of heaven. The ingredients are few and simple, yet they are bursting with delicious flavor. See this article for the ingredients and instructions.

Spicy Salmon Tacos

Will Cook For Smiles #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Easy salmon tacos made with oven baked salmon. These tacos are ready in 30 minutes. Salmon is baked with a spicy mixture of Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce.

Spicy Shrimp Tacos

spicy shrimp tacos + sour cream cilantro sauce #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Spicy shrimp, avocado, tomato, and a drizzle of fresh and creamy sour cream cilantro sauce make the perfect spicy shrimp tacos for any weekday dinner.

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos Recipe with Best Fish Taco Sauce! #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Our go-to Fish Tacos Recipe for entertaining! Easy, excellent fish tacos with the best fish taco sauce; an irresistible lime crema. See this article for the complete cooking method.

Chili Lime Chicken Tacos

Chili Lime Chicken Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

These chili lime chicken tacos are easy and full of flavor. Serve them with roasted corn, onion, black beans and drizzle with some avocado dressing.

Baked Chicken Tacos

Baked Chicken Tacos Recipe (Easy, Spicy, Perfect!) #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

This Baked Chicken Tacos Recipe is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner! Oven baked chicken tacos have lots of flavors and none of the stress. See this article for the ingredients and instructions.

Vegan Sweet Potato Tacos

Vegan Sweet Potato Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

Make dinner easy tonight with these delicious vegan sweet potato tacos. No meat? No problem! The flavors in these vegan tacos are vibrant and will leave your taste buds tingling.

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Shredded Chicken Street Tacos

Shredded Chicken Street Tacos #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

What a delicious shredded chicken street tacos recipe. Follow the article for the instructions.

Oven Baked Beef Tacos

Dinner at the Zoo #tacotuesday #taco #recipe #dinner

These oven-baked beef tacos are filled with beans, meat, and melted cheese, then topped off with shredded lettuce and fresh salsa.

Make Taco Tuesdays your new thing at home by making these amazing taco recipes. Great list! #recipe #tacos #tacotuesday #dinner